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         Nora McCarthy               Jorge Sylvester              Marvin Sewell                  Gene Torres                 Jay Sawyer



The outstanding skill of this tightly knit group cannot be overstated. These highly seasoned and innovative musicians, all of whom are unique and highly expressive improvisers, bring with them a plethora of musical ideas that draw from a global perspective and a variety of musical influences all rooted in the Jazz tradition. Their music is an uplifting, inspiring, joyous and magical mix of select jazz instrumental classics refashioned into vocal masterpieces, music from living modern jazz composers and McCarthy's original compositions and lyrics, each one a universe unto itself joined together by a common thread - LOVE. Highlights include:  Ornette Coleman's "The Blessing," McCoy Tyner's "Passion Dance," McCarthy's originals: "Love Song For the People," "Into the Middle of Something" and, "Nowhere Ever After" (dedicated to her friend and mentor Master Conductor Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris.)

"There are a number of gifted Jazz singers on this planet, but few truly sing from the soul, as Ms. Nora McCarthy! She's also not afraid to take a risk, explore human emotions that are real and not contrived. There is both joy and pain in Nora's voice; she is life worn."  Steve Getz, Music Producer, son of Jazz Legend, Stan Getz, 2015

Emotionally provocative and intensely creative, “McCarthy’ shaping of pitch often foregoes the fluid note-bending of the jazz singer in favor of the full press of a sculptor’s touch against viscous clay.” Ramsey Ameen, Violinist, Cecil Taylor Unit

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"Akara Moi Moi" brief clip from CD Release Performance at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC 8-2016 with Nora McCarthy People of Peace Quintet. Composition:  Jorge Sylvester

Lyrics:  Nora McCarthy

You can listen/purchase blesSINGS on the HOME, MUSIC page or...CD Baby or Bandcamp,  

“Nora McCarthy’s adventurous improvising is on a high level along with the intelligence of her lyrics.”  Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz 


“Harmony, Love and Creativity commingling. Passion Dance”,  a McCoy Tyner gem, with fiery burning rhythmic intros from piano, bass and drums and then horn-like, rapid-fire singing and joyous scatting.”  Donald Elfman/ SEPTEMBER 2016 | THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD

“... McCarthy's voice stretches and soars and

whether she's singing straight ahead, scatting, or simply vocalizing, her voice rings true and clear.  Sylvester has a gorgeous tone and a sure touch, plus a wonderful ability to weave in and out of melodies."   All About Jazz, NY  


Produced by Nora McCarthy and recorded at Tedesco Studio in Paramus, New Jersey on August 26 & 27th, 2015, blesSINGS is a modern post bop jazz record that combines several elements to make its powerfully beautiful statement: original compositions and lyrics; various applications of vocal and musical language, inventive improvisation and imaginative arrangements.

McCarthy states: blesSINGS, addresses the overwhelming need for compassion, environmental awareness and understanding in our world today; it is first and foremost a love story that urges us to love one another and ourselves, to be the best we can be, to open our minds and hearts and acknowledge our blessings. It is about peace through harmony, liberation through creative expression, paying homage to the subtle energies that influence creativity, and ultimately give birth to hope and renewal.”


Nora McCarthy-voice, Jorge Sylvester-alto saxophone,

Pablo Vergara-piano, Donald Nicks-bass

Kenny Grohowski-drums

From CD: blesSINGS

Fair Weather - Nora McCarthy People of Peace Quintet 2018

From recent performance (9-18-2018) of Nora McCarthy People of Peace Quintet at Afro Roots, Lincoln Square Community Auditorium, NYC

Soloists: Jorge Sylvester-alto saxophone; Marvin Sewell-guitar

Nora McCarthy People of Peace Bios
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