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By Nora McCarthy

The Spiritual Path to Finding Your Voice™ is a comprehensive course that takes a conceptual, physical and spiritual approach to singing and improvisation whose primary focus is to free the spirit to experience total creativity through mindful singing. It integrates thirteen essential elements I’ve determined are the building blocks to the overall development of the voice and the professional singer.


As an experienced vocal artist, composer, lyricist and poet in the field of creative music, I've designed exercises, concepts, and developed, written and compiled all of the various components of my methodology that I gleaned from having been blessed to work with some of the greatest creative minds in music and a lifetime of performance, learning, experimentation and discovery. It is tailored to address each student’s specific needs and designed for all levels of experience but most importantly serves as a lifelong guide that continues to unfold .  

My amazing teacher, Nora McCarthy-Music once told me a phrase that shifted something inside me and thus, over time, changed my entire course in music.

“What the heart has the capacity to feel can be translated into sound.” 


It’s that simple, though not at all easy. Let this phrase sit with you a bit and hopefully it will stay with you as it did with me.

Thank you Nora for giving me this precious gift. I will never forget it ❤️

Varya Dominici

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