Nora McCarthy Music Various CDs

New Release

Summer 2021

Jorge Sylvester Spontaneous Expressions Octet

Live Recording

March 3, 2020 at New York City's Baha' Center

Jorge Sylvester Alto Saxophone Solo
Performance + Spontaneous Expressions Improvisations

Nora McCarthy - Voice
Vincent Chancey - French Horn
Waldron Mahadi Ricks - Trumpet
Marvin Sewell - Electric Guitar
Jose Dávila - Tuba**
Kuba Cichocki - Piano
Tony Moreno - Drums

The Music of A Small Dream In Red

Innovative Voice and Saxophone Duo

Live Recording at Cleveland State University's Sundown Jazz Series (2002)

An afternoon of Total Intuitive Improvisations on Jazz Standards and Original Compositions. CD Released 2003.

(1) Afro Blue/My Romance

(2) Wanting Memories

(3) All Blues

(4) Miles' Mind

(5) Akara Moi Moi

Song Composers/Lyricists

(1) Mongosanta Maria/Rogers & Hart (1935)

(2) Ysawe Maria Barnwell

(3) Miles Davis

(4) Nora McCarthy

(5) Jorge Sylvester

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