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W/ReggieWorkman at Middle Collegiate Church, NYC

With the legendary bassist Reggie Workman at The Middle Collegiate Church, NYC at the Zen Matsura Memorial

With the one and only Jimmy Scott, renowned vocal artist backstage, Flushing Town Hall.

With my group Manna For Thought, Dom Minasi-guitar, Ras Moshe-tenor at Clemente Soto, Arts For Art Production, NYC

With Jay Clayton's "Different Voices" at the Why Not Jazz Cafe in Greenwich Village, NYC

With Butch Morris and The Chorus of Poets, Vision Festival, 2010

With the Legendary Conductor - Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris and The Chorus of Poets at Vision Festival 2009, NYC

Backstage Vision Festival 2009 with The Chorus of Poets: Chavisa Woods, Me, David Devoe, Alex Bilu, Yasha Bilan, Mark Gerring and Justin Carter

The Chorus of Poets: Butch Morris, World Trade Center Memorial Tribute

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