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As a lyricist, I have written lyrics for my own compositions as well as those of other composers - Jazz composers - and for select Jazz Standards.


I write for the projects that I have and for those that I am a member of - including ConceptualMotion Orchestra, Jorge Sylvester ACE (Afro Caribbean Experimental) Collective, A Small Dream In Red Voice and Saxophone Duo, The Nora McCarthy People of Peace Quintet as well as Trio.

I have been writing lyrics and poetry for several decades - it is integral to the work I do. The lyrics listed below are copyrighted but if you'd like to use them, I'd appreciate credit as well as an email to let me know that you liked them and your intention to use them.

(This is a work in progress - adding all the lyrics will take be continued. In the meantime, please visit the music page.) Thank you.

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